100K Wellness Project


The Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) pioneered and has been recognized as the world leader in the systems approach to studying biology for the past 15 years. Guided by the vision of Dr. Lee Hood, ISB’s president and co-founder, ISB has also pioneered the concept of P4 Medicine (personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory). This combination of a systems biology approach with P4 Medicine led to ISB launching in 2014, and completing in 2015, a pilot study called the Hundred Person Wellness Project (HPWP).

In the video below, Dr. Hood describes the vision behind P4 Medicine, a 100K Project, and HPWP. For inquiries about the 100K Project, email us: 100Kinfo@systemsbiology.org

“(This project) is very exciting because conceptually and technically, it’s reached a real tipping point where we’re in a position to fundamentally change how healthcare is practiced.” -Dr. Lee Hood, President and Co-founder, ISB

This video was recorded on Feb 11, 2014


During the course of the recently-completed HPWP, the team at ISB conducting the study realized that to more efficiently and cost effectively provide wellness metrics to a broad cross section of the population ISB would spin out a scientific wellness company.

The result is Arivale, which launched on June 22, 2015. ISB President Dr. Lee Hood and Associate Director Dr. Nathan Price are co-founders. For more information about Arivale, please visit www.Arivale.com

With the launch of Arivale, ISB no longer engages with wellness study participants directly; we do, however, continue to pursue basic research into the science of wellness, focusing on specific aspects of wellness in specific populations. If you are interested in following ISB research we encourage you to subscribe to our monthly newsletter Molecular Me.


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