ISB’s research falls into these main areas. Click on any of the categories below to see a range of publications from our lab groups.

  • ISB-2987-HR

    Infectious Disease

    ISB’s systems approach is effective in making advances in global health research. Our lab groups participate in a range... Read more
  • ISB-1776-HR

    Cell Dynamics

    Cell dynamics aims to understand biological complexity in the context of the modular organization of the cell. The three-dimensional... Read more
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    The greatest impact will come from how cancers are studied versus which cancers are studied. The systems biology approach... Read more
  • bg

    Computational Biology

    Many projects at ISB, from cancers to rare genetic diseases, entail the development of computational and mathematical approaches for... Read more
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    Systems biology uses cutting-edge technologies to gather as much information as possible about a biological system and then uses... Read more
  • environmentAlgae


    Systems Biology and the Environment at a Glance: Systems biology helps ISB scientists better understand how microbes interact with... Read more
  • p4-medicine

    P4 Medicine

    P4 Medicine is Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory. Its two major objectives are to quantify wellness and demystify disease.... Read more
  • DSC_0702


    If DNA is the blueprint for life, then proteins are the bricks. The genes in DNA are translated into... Read more