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Cornish + ISB Present Geraldine Ondrizek

  Cornish and ISB continue their partnership in Consilience by bringing Gerladine Ondrizek to talk about her latest artistic research on early biometric data. Please join Cornish and ISB in welcoming Geraldine Ondrizek, Professor of Art and artist… Read More

ARCHIV - Die 5300 Jahre alte Gletscherleiche «Ötzi» liegt am 28.02.2011 im Archäologischen Museum in Bozen in einer Kühlkammer. Mumienforscher sind sich einig: «Ötzi», die wohl bekannteste Gletschermumie der Welt, wurde während einer Rast plötzlich getötet. Der Angreifer ließ ihn einfach liegen, niemand legte ihn in ein Grab: diesen Verlauf der letzten Stunde im Leben des Mannes hielten die Teilnehmer beim zweiten Weltmumienkongress an der Europäischen Akademie Bozen (EURAC) für das Wahrscheinlichste. Rund 100 Mumienforscher aus aller Welt hatten nach Informationen des Instituts bei dem Kongress am Wochenende (22./23.10.2011) Forschungsergebnisse und Theorien zu «Ötzi» verglichen. Foto: Robert Parigger (zu dpa «Während der Rast getötet: Ötzis letzte Stunde rekonstruiert» vom 24.10.2011) +++(c) dpa - Bildfunk+++

ISB Q&A: Dr. Robert Moritz on Ötzi the Iceman

Ötzi the Iceman: In a study published in the Jan. 8, 2016, issue of the journal Science, researchers from the Moritz group at ISB collaborated with a worldwide consortia headed by Prof. Albert Zink and Dr. Frank Maixner,… Read More


Save the Date: Panel Discussion at Town Hall

Save the date! As part of ISB’s Annual Systems Biology Symposium, we will host a panel discussion at Town Hall on the evening of April 4. This year’s Symposium theme is “Emerging Technologies for Systems Biology.” The Panelists… Read More

Dr. Lee Hood’s Video Message for Research!America’s Campaign for Cures

Dr. Lee Hood contributed a video to support Research!America’s Campaign for Cures. He emphasizes the necessity of federal funding to ensure research organizations can continue their pioneering work. It’s also crucial to support up-and-coming scientists in their research…. Read More


Project Feed 1010 Partners with Northeastern University to Advance Sustainable Agriculture

ISB’s Project Feed 1010 is building a global, crowd-sourced network of educators, students, researchers and farmers to optimize and scale-up sustainable agriculture practices and educate the future scientific workforce. To support this global network, we have partnered with… Read More

Lisa Iype

ISB Spotlight: Lisa Iype

Dr. Lisa Iype (Ilya Shmulevich group) has been promoted to Senior Bioinformatics Scientist. She has experience in biochemistry, software and website development, and data analysis. She works with high-dimensional cancer data sets and looks for significant patterns which… Read More


New Research on IBD from ISB’s Family Genomics Group

Our Family Genomics group and collaborators analyzed the whole genome sequences of five families with high burden of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in order to elucidate the genomic architecture of IBD. Read about the research here… 3 Bullets:… Read More


The 5300-year-old Helicobacter pylori genome of the Iceman

ISB’s Moritz Group, which specializes in proteomics, collaborated on research related to study pathogens from the stomach content and microbiome of Ötzi, a glacier mummy from the European Copper Age. The results were published in Science. Read the… Read More


What Should Your Resolutions Actually Be?

Do you know your systems biology? Your health and wellness are determined by the intricate, interconnected systems of your body’s internal mechanisms plus your particular set of external environmental factors. Take this fun quiz to help you make… Read More


Genetic Disease Breakthrough Published in ‘Nature Communications’

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Genetic Disease Breakthrough Published in Nature Communications SEATTLE, DEC. 18, 2015 – A team of investigators based in Seattle, Amsterdam, and Luxembourg, have established the cause of a rare syndrome consistent with Fanconi Anemia, a… Read More