Education & Outreach

Editorial Board

The ISB Editorial Board was established in March 2013 to help curate which ISB research publications should be publicized and shared with a broader audience. Board members also help identify and develop stories that celebrate ISB staff and culture. As part of their participation, board members also receive professional development in external communications, including how to convey complex science to a lay audience and how to think as a journalist.

Members represent each of ISB’s faculty lab groups and meet bi-weekly to discuss publications that are in press and to share news from their respective teams.

Current Editorial Board Members:

  • Hsiao-Ching Chou, Editor in Chief
  • Varsha Dhankani, Shmulevich Lab
  • Mark Gillespie, Ranish Lab
  • Thurston Herricks, Aitchison Lab
  • Jocelyn Pearl, Hood Lab
  • Kristian Swearingen, Moritz Lab
  • Joseph Zhou, Huang Lab

At-Large Members:

  • Theo Knijnenburg, Shmulevich Lab

Faculty Science Advisor: