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Wei Yan

Dr. Yan is a long time biochemist actively practicing proteomics using mass spectrometry. His research interests include both proteomics technology development and biological/biomedical applications of the technologies.  He has applied several quantitative proteomics methods and systems biology approaches in investigating different biological/disease systems including HCV/HIV infections, alcohol and drug-related liver injuries, inflammatory resonse of macrophages, cancer stem cell proerties in glioblastoma, erythropoiesis of human hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells, etc. Recently he and his colleagues developed a novel quantitative proteomics method (iMSTIQ) allowing quantification of multiple targeted proteins (i.e. proteins of interest in cellular pathway, biomarker candidates, etc.) in complex mixtures using mass spectrometry. His current research focus is on targeted quantitative proteomics and glyco-proteomics.