Systems Biology Pioneers

Dr. Nitin Baliga, ISB SVP & Director: What's Systems Biology


Dr. Nathan Price, ISB Associate Director: How ISB is Unique

No one does science the way ISB does science. We were founded in 2000 on the belief that a cross-disciplinary approach to research - systems biology - would lead us to the future. Systems biology is the finished puzzle that pieces together teams of scientists from at least a dozen fields who study the microscopic elements of cells, and how all of those elements relate to one another and control functions in health and disease in humans, as well as in the environment. Our difference is that we not only integrate diverse scientific disciplines but we also integrate the data we generate to tell a more relevant story about our research. This is key, because diseases are the result of multiple causes that are further complicated by our individual compositions and environmental influences. The comprehensive nature of systems biology also gives our scientists incredible predictive powers.

As much as systems biology is a guiding principle and practice, it is also an attitude. We value collaboration, openness, knowledge sharing, and strategic partnerships in achieving common goals. It is this practice and attitude that will help science answer some of society's most challenging questions, such as how to prevent, cure or better treat cancer.

We are the pioneers of systems biology and we are proud to be the world leaders in its evolution.