A Framework for STEM Education Partnerships

In response to the increasing call to action for research organizations to partner with K-12 schools, ISB crafted framework for STEM Education Partnerships:

Framework for STEM Education Partnerships

Case Study of the STEM Education Parntership Between ISB and SPS


The Celebrating Science series are a suite of guides to support expanding science education to the greater community and families at home.

Celebrating Science: A guide for expanding inquiry-based science education into the community

Celebrating Science Resources for Families and Caregivers: A set of resources for families and caregivers (available in both English and Spanish)

Celebrating Science at Home: A set of grade-level appropriate ideas for parents and caregivers to engage elementary students in scientific thinking

Celebrating Science at Work: A set of narratives and photos designed to provide children, parents and caregivers a peek into the practice of science at the Institute for Systems Biology.  These scientist-profiles introduce engineers, computer scientists and natural scientists in a very personal way.