100K Wellness Project


Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) invented the field of systems biology over the past decade. But how can we foster a new vision that will let us invent a transformational future? One answer to that question is the 100K Wellness Project, pioneered by Dr. Lee Hood.

“(This project) is very exciting because conceptually and technically, it’s reached a real tipping point where we’re in a position to fundamentally change how healthcare is practiced.” -Dr. Lee Hood, President and Co-founder, ISB



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Project Team

  • Lee Hood, MD, PhD: PI
  • Nathan Price, PhD: Co-PI, Analytics Lead
  • Sean Bell: Business Director
  • Jennifer Lovejoy, PhD: Translational Science
  • Sandi Kaplan, MS, RD: Wellness Coach
  • Craig Keebler, MD: Study Physician
  • Andrew Magis, PhD:¬†Analytics Data Scientist
  • John C. Earls:¬†Analytics Data Scientist
  • Gustavo Glusman, PhD: Analytics Data Scientist
  • Chris Witwer: Compliance
  • Kristin Brogaard, PhD: Project Manager
  • Mary Brunkow, PhD: Project Coordinator
  • Sara Mecca: Project Assistant
  • Gretchen Sorensen: Communications


Interested in information about ISB’s spinout scientific wellness company? Please visit Arivale.com


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