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Dr. Leroy Hood

MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
PhD, Biochemistry, California Institute of Technology

Leroy Hood


Dr. Hood's outstanding contributions have had a resounding effect on the advancement of science since the 1960s. Throughout his career, he has adhered to the advice of his mentor, Dr. William J. Dreyer: “If you want to practice biology, do it on the leading edge, and if you want to be on the leading edge, invent new tools for deciphering biological information.” 

Hood was involved in the development of five instruments critical for contemporary biology—namely, automated DNA sequencers, DNA synthesizers, protein sequencers, peptide synthesizers, and an ink jet printer for constructing DNA arrays. These instruments opened the door to high-throughput biological data and the era of big data in biology and medicine.  He helped pioneer the human genome program—making it possible with the automated DNA sequencer. Under Hood's direction, the Human Genome Center sequenced portions of human chromosomes 14 and 15.

In 1992, Hood created the first cross-disciplinary biology department, Molecular Biotechnology, at the University of Washington. In 2000, he left the UW to co-found Institute for Systems Biology, the first of its kind. He has pioneered systems medicine the years since ISB's founding. Hood has made many seminal discoveries in the fields of immunology, neurobiology and biotechnology and, most recently, has been a leader in the development of systems biology, its applications to cancer, neurodegenerative disease, and the linkage of systems biology to personalized medicine. 

Hood is now pioneering new approaches to P4 medicine—predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory, and most recently, has embarked on creating a P4 pilot project on 100,000 well individuals, that is transforming healthcare.

In addition to his ground-breaking research, Hood has published 750 papers, received 36 patents, 17 honorary degrees and more than 100 awards and honors. He is one of only 15 individuals elected to all three National Academies—the National Academy of Science, the National Academy of Engineering, and the Institute of Medicine. Hood has founded or co-founded 15 different biotechnology companies including Amgen, Applied Biosystems, Rosetta, Darwin, Integrated Diagnostics and Indi Molecular.

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100K Wellness Project

For inquiries related to the 100K Wellness Project, please contact Sean Bell, Business Director, 100K Project.  


Career Highlights


2012     Elected as a Fellow to the American Association for Cancer Research

2011     National Medal of Science

2011     Fritz and Dolores Russ Prize, National Academy of Engineering

2007     Elected Member, National Academy of Engineering

2007     Elected Member, Inventors Hall of Fame for the automated DNA

2006     Heinz Award for pioneering work in Systems Biology

2005     AACR-Irving Weinstein Foundation Distinguished Lecturer Award

2003     Elected Member, Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of

2003     Lemelson-MIT Prize for Innovation and Invention

2002     Kyoto Prize in Advanced Technology

2000     Elected Member, American Philosophical Society

1993     Scientist of the Year, Research and Development Magazine

1987     Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award

1982     Elected Member, National Academy of Science

1982     Elected Fellow, National Academy of Arts and Sciences


Education and Employment



President and Co-Founder of the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle, WA


Chairman and Founder of the Department of Molecular Biotechnology at the UW


Caltech Faculty Member -- Chair of Biology for 10 years


Senior Investigator, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health

1967 PhD         


1964 MD          

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

1960 BS           



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To watch the White House medal ceremony, visit this link.

IN THE NEWS, Feb. 1, 2013: Dr. Lee Hood receives his National Medal of Science from President Obama at White House ceremony.

Press regarding medal: Puget Sound Business Journal, Crosscut.com, Gov. Jay Inslee

Dr. Lee Hood poses with President Obama after receiving the
National Medal of Science on Feb. 1, 2013, at the White House.

(Photo by Ryan K Morris/National Science & Technology Medals
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IN THE NEWS: Dec. 27, 2012: Lee Hood and members of his lab
raise a Starbucks toast to celebrate the National Medal of Science.


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