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Kathie Walters

Dr. Walters´ research interests are focused on applying functional genomics technologies to study the underlying mechanisms of viral and bacterial pathogenesis, including influenza virus, Hepatitis C virus and Francisella tularensis.

Publications Outside of ISB

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Walters, K.A. and Katze, M.G. (2009) Using high-throughput genomics to study hepatitis C: what determines the outcome of infection? (2009) Antiviral Res:198-208. PMID: 19135090

Katze, M.G., Fornek, J.L., Palermo, R.E., Walters, K.A., and Korth, M.J. (2008) Innate immune modulation by RNA viruses: emerging insights from functional genomics. Nat Rev Immunol: 644-54. PMID: 18654572

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