Getting a grip on proteomics data - Proteomics Data Collection (ProDaC)

TitleGetting a grip on proteomics data - Proteomics Data Collection (ProDaC)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsEisenacher M, Martens L, Hardt T, Kohl M, Barsnes H, Helsens K, Hakkinen J, Levander F, Aebersold R, Vandekerckhove J, Dunn MJ, Lisacek F, Siepen JA, Hubbard SJ, Binz PA, Bluggel M, Thiele H, Cottrell J, Meyer HE, Apweiler R, Stephan C
Date PublishedAug
KeywordsData Collection/*standards, Database Management Systems/standards, Databases, Protein/*standards, European Union, Proteomics/*standards
AbstractIn proteomics, rapid developments in instrumentation led to the acquisition of increasingly large data sets. Correspondingly, ProDaC was founded in 2006 as a Coordination Action project within the 6th European Union Framework Programme to support data sharing and community-wide data collection. The objectives of ProDaC were the development of documentation and storage standards, setup of a standardized data submission pipeline and collection of data. Ending in March 2009, ProDaC has delivered a comprehensive toolbox of standards and computer programs to achieve these goals.