Center for Inquiry Science

We often don't realize that we ask ourselves critical questions that involve science on a daily basis: Should I vaccinate my child? Should I buy a hybrid car? Do pesticides on food harm me and my family?

We all need to develop a basic level of scientific literacy in order to function as individuals and as a society. It is especially critical for our students in grades K-12 to gain a solid foundation in the sciences, because future job opportunities will demand it. As research advances, our healthcare and wellness will demand it, too. This reality drove ISB to take a unique step among research institutes and create the Center for Inquiry Science. The mission of the Center for Inquiry Science is to enable educators to produce scientifically literate students by creating and supporting collaborative partnerships among schools, districts and community stakeholders that are designed to train and support science teachers.

Our Purpose:

To train and support science educators to have the capacity to produce scientifically literate and capable students.

Our Process:

Sustained, long-term collaborations

Systemic focus (district or grade band)

Multiple forms of professional development

Regional and collaborative partnerships