2012 ISB Highlights

December 31, 2012

Dr. Lee Hood raises a Starbucks to toast his receiving the
National Medal of Science.

2012 was a busy year for ISB! Here's a baker's dozen of highlights from our year. Thank you for your support and happy new year!

MARCH -- Dr. Lee Hood appeared in the NOVA special "Cracking Your Genetic Code." link

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ISB Receives LEED Platinum Certification for Green Design

April 11, 2012


Stats for ISB's building, which is located in the South Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle.

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New York Times Story About Gates Foundation Office Design Resonates

March 19, 2012


(A commons space at ISB, where the design is open to allow for collaboration.)

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Questions From Our Young Scientists to Obama

February 16, 2012

Recently, the White House posted a call for questions, which the President would then answer via Google Plus Hangout. Three of our young researchers submitted video questions to the White House YouTube page. Check out the videos:



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Our Genomes, Our Selves

January 31, 2012

In February of 2001 I headed off to Washington DC to participate in an extravagant celebration of scientific achievement. Preliminary drafts of the human genome’s DNA sequence were being published in Nature and Science magazines, and those of us who’d spent years immersed in the Human Genome Project were ready to exult, for one precious weekend, before spending yet more years finishing the sequence to high quality. I recall fondly the event’s enticing mixture of intelligensia and hoopla.

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I ♥ Proteins

January 15, 2012

Image 1.jpg

Since I first learned about them as a college sophomore, protein molecules have been my scientific passion. I love them for the beauty of their shapes and functions. Protein molecules are central to the workings of life, but in popular culture they are the unsung hero next to their high profile cousin, DNA.

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Dr. Leroy Hood Speaks at TEDxRainier

November 12, 2011

Lee Hood was invited to speak at TEDxRainier 2011. His talk focused on P4 medicine: predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory.

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Dr. Leroy Hood: 'Biological Complexity Under Attack'

October 1, 2011

Dr. Leroy Hood wrote this piece about systems biology and big science for Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. Read the article.

This is a truly remarkable time in the biological sciences. Biology now has the opportunity to effectively attack some of the most fundamental problems of society, including healthcare, agriculture, bio-energy, a sustainable environment, and nutrition.

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Dr. Leroy Hood Receives Palmaz Award

September 20, 2011


Our president, Dr. Leroy Hood (center), received the BioMed SA's 6th Annual Julio Palmaz Award for Innovation in Healthcare and the Biosciences. To read about the award, visit this link.

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