BioNetBuilder: automatic integration of biological networks

TitleBioNetBuilder: automatic integration of biological networks
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsAvila-Campillo I, Drew K, Lin J, Reiss DJ, Bonneau R
Date PublishedFeb 1
Keywords*Algorithms, *Models, Biological, *Software, *User-Computer Interface, Computer Graphics, Computer Simulation, Database Management Systems, Information Storage and Retrieval/methods, Internet, Proteome/*metabolism, Signal Transduction/*physiology, Systems Integration
AbstractBioNetBuilder is an open-source client-server Cytoscape plugin that offers a user-friendly interface to create biological networks integrated from several databases. Users can create networks for approximately 1500 organisms, including common model organisms and human. Currently supported databases include: DIP, BIND, Prolinks, KEGG, HPRD, The BioGrid and GO, among others. The BioNetBuilder plugin client is available as a Java Webstart, providing a platform-independent network interface to these public databases. Availability: