Thomas J. Cable

Board Member

Co-founder, Washington Research Foundation


Thomas J. Cable has played leading roles in finance and investment firms for much of his distinguished career. He was partner in Cable, Howse & Ragen, investment bankers (now known as Ragen Mackenzie, a division of Wells Fargo) and co-founder of Cable & Howse Ventures. With the latter firm, Mr. Cable was a founding investor in Immunex and Zymogenetics and served on those corporations’ boards of directors.

He is currently chairman of the Washington Research Foundation (WRF), which he co-founded in 1981. WRF assists universities and other nonprofit research institutions in the state of Washington with commercialization of their technologies and provides support, through gifts and grants, for their scholarship and research. Mr. Cable also serves on the board of Omeros Corporation, as chairman of the advisory board of the Applied Physics Laboratory and as a member of the advancement board of Friday Harbor Laboratories.

He is past chairman of the University of Washington President’s Club, co-founder and vice chairman of the Technology Alliance and a founder of the Alliance of Angels, organizations dedicated to successful technology development by Northwest-based entrepreneurs. Mr. Cable is a former U.S. Navy submarine officer, and received his M.B.A. from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.