Affiliate Faculty

Seattle BioMed
HIV/AIDS, Immunology, Systems Biology
Institute of Molecular Systems Biology
Proteomics, Protein Chemistry
Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine
Systems Biology
National Cheng Kung University Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Bioinformatics, Text Mining, Pattern Clustering, and Modeling of Systems Biology Problems
Utah State University Department of Computer Science
Modeling Multiscale Systems
EMD Millipore
Microbiology, Genetics of Systems Biology
University of British Columbia Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Washington
Parallel Algorithms, Application Tuning, High-concurrency Multi-threaded Systems, Application Performance
University of Vermont, Tampere University of Technology and Santa Fe Institute
Developmental Biology, Combinatorial Chemistry, Molecular Evolution
University of Washington
Scientific Wellness, Public Health, Obesity and Nutrition
University of Michigan
Clinical Informatics, Databases and Computing, Medical and Translational Research, Proteomics, and Systemic Modeling and Systems Biology
BD BioSciences
Biophysics, Advanced Cytometry, Use of flow cytometry in environmental microbiology
Tampere University of Technology Department of Signal Processing
Computational Systems Biology